Mobile Growth meetup 9/21/17


Branch runs a nice mobile growth meetup I've attended a couple times. The one last night was in the Microsoft office (formerly Yammer) in the Twitter building.

Credit to Prakhar for asking questions about these notes that led to more clarifying detail.



What's worked?

How to get users?

What didn't work?

Reengagement & overlooked metric?

Metrics to obsess over?

Thoughts on iOS 11?

Cause of FB acquisition performance change?

Snapchat ads?

Google's UAC campaign?

How to reengage users who don't create account?

How to AB test frequently?

Top recommendation?


  1. There wasn't a specific metric mentioned. The general idea was: invest in app quality before driving traffic to app, ie if an app's unusable, no amount of growth tuning will retain users. 

  2. This was my top takeaway. Presumably this also reduces engineering complexity and improves UX consistency. The pitch was purely about logical correctness in experiment construction, but the person who asked the question mentioned their experiments take months to run, which would seem to indicate a significance (or quality) concern. I also appreciated the conceptual simplicity. I suppose a follow-on requirement is to have a smaller eng org, so folks don't feel blocked by limited release opportunities. In my experience, we tried to scale eng by running multiple experiments simultaneously, but the tech required to support this was complex, to the point where I'm now looking back and wondering if we should have just done less :) 


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