Adventures in blogging 📝


I like the idea of shared learning and working together as a team, in a way that's portable across employers.

Prakhar pointed me at Nathan Marz's post on blogging, which provides excellent motivation specific to blogging.

Megha shared her experience at Write/Speak/Code, which recommends professional writing as an essential aspect of career development. (Write/Speak/Code also brought Open Source Misfeasance to my awareness 👍 esp the slide "open source is like being an adult - it seems magical until you realize nobody knows what the hell they're doing." :)

I'm inspired by the meta-knowledge community on Github.



I like Github pages for a couple reasons:


Github Pages are conceptually simple in part because functionality is constrained on the server-side.

Ideally, I could provide full text search, but doing so without a server requires either a heavy client or an external vendor. External vendors with free offerings usually want UI control as compensation and I'd prefer full control.

With this set of constraints, and given I only have a little content, a simple regex filter seems appropriate.

I sort content by last modified and enable filtration by date.

Content management

I use Forestry as a CMS in front of Github Pages to simplify content capture.






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