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I’d like to provide a quick way to retrieve information from this blog.

In terms of constraints, this blog is statically generated and hosted on Github, which disallows arbitrary plugins, limiting many solutions to client-side and/or external vendors. I’d also prefer to keep things free.


Jekyll supports tags, so I can start by simply grouping content by tag.

Tags are specific, but the process of tagging content is tedious and error-prone, eg I don’t want to tag extensively and I may forget to tag at all, and seems lossy, eg I may forget which tag I used later. I’d prefer to extract keywords and query them via search UX.

I see a Lunr-based search util using a client-side index of all content, but this seems heavy.

Something like RAKE seems appropriate for reducing content down to keywords, which I could then pass to Lunr, but parsing markdown for extraction and tuning the extractor leads me to think I should really be using NLP, eg Google cloud NLP, which is amazing but costly.

A simple place to start is Google custom search with a Jekyll sitemap. This gives me access to Google’s NLP via conventional site search, but takes me out of my site’s UX.


Now that Google’s aware of this content, I can get closer to inline filtering by using Chrome’s omnibox. Here’s the blog’s opensearch.xml. I use the omnibox whenever possible, so this might end up being ideal UX.

I can also try a middle-ground approach that provides inline filtering based on a simple test of title and tags. All things considered, this may actually be a pretty good solution.


Thoughts? Suggestions? Hit me up @erikeldridge


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